For every contact you store in Enudge you can records information in the following standard fields: 

Email Address - up to 80 characters
Mobile - the digits of the mobile number, which should preferably start with the country code e.g. +61411123456
Firstname - up to 40 characters
Surname - up to 40 characters
Reference - up to 20 characters
Salutation - up to 60 characters  
Gender - m or f
Year of Birth - just the four digit year as a number
Organisation - up to 150 characters
Department - up to 150 characters
Position - up to 100 characters
Street - up to 50 characters
City - up to 25 characters
State - up to 35 characters
Postcode - up to 12 characters
Fax - up to 15 characters
Business Phone - up to 25 characters
Home Phone - up to 25 characters
Custom1 - up to 100 characters
Custom2 - up to 100 characters
Custom3 - up to 100 characters
Custom4 - up to 100 characters
Custom5 - up to 100 characters
Custom6 - up to 100 characters
Custom7 - up to 100 characters
Custom8 - up to 100 characters
Custom9 - up to 100 characters
Password - used to allow a contact to manage their own subscription
Notes - up to 255 characters

Each contact can also be associated with unlimited categories to help you quickly attach one or more categories of contacts to your campaigns. 

If there is a piece of information that you want to store in order to personalise your messages, use one of the Custom fields.  For information on how to give your custom fields a meaningful name read: Labelling your Custom Fields.

If you run out of custom fields, you can upload the extra field into a specific email campaign.

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