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Labelling your Custom Fields
Labelling your Custom Fields

Additional fields for your contacts and personalisation of messages.

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If you need to use the custom fields for your Enudge contact records, it's a great idea to give them descriptions to make it easier for you to remember what you are storing in those fields as you are navigating through Enudge.

To label your custom fields, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Custom Field Labels from the Quick Links menu.

2. Add a description beside the custom fields you are using.
3. Click on the 'Update Custom Field Descriptions' button at the bottom of the screen.

You will now see your descriptions as you use Enudge, for example in the Edit Customer screen you will see your descriptions after the field labels as shown below:

You can assign any descriptions to your custom fields, however we recommend that you use them for situations where each contact will potentially have a different value for that field.  Where many contacts will have the same value, it is likely that you would use a category instead.

Each custom field can be used to personalise your Enudge email and SMS campaign messages, and the subjects of your Enudge email messages.

If you happen to run out of custom fields for personalisation purposes, you can always personalise a particular campaign using Option 5 for uploading that additional data for that campaign.  Read more about this option here: Importing Custom Information for Additional Message Personalisation

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