Integrating your Enudge account with your pipedrive account not only allows you to import your contacts from pipedrive very quickly and easily, it also ensures that bounces and unsubscribe events are recorded against your contact in pipedrive.  This gives you additional visibility about your contacts from within your deals.

To import your contacts and setup pipedrive integration inside Enudge:

  1. Login to your Enudge account.

2. From Contacts, choose Import Contacts.

3. Choose pipedrive.

4. If this is the first time you have integrated with pipedrive, you may want to click on “How to find your personal API key” to get help on finding API key. Enter your Personal API Key and click ADD:

If your API key has already been stored, you can choose to use the existing API key by clicking on the USE THIS button.

5. Choose one or more, or all of your Pipedrive contacts to import:

6. Then click 'Add Selected Contacts to Enudge', adding your contacts into a new or pre-existing category as you add.  You can also leave the category blank if you wish.

Results will be shown as follows: 

7. To setup integration so that pipedrive receives information back about unsubscribes and bounces, click “Configure Unsubscribe and Bounce Management”.

Once setup, there's no need to configure the integration again, but you can return any time to bring in more contacts from pipedrive.

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