Once you have prepared your CSV file, including your own custom fields, you are ready to import your contacts into your eNudge email or SMS campaign. Including your own custom fields to support additional personalisation is a great way to add value to your message recipients and engage more deeply.  For example, personalise a message to recent shoppers with the name of the product they purchased.

To upload your contacts into your campaign:

  1. Click Attach Contacts from your campaign navigation.
  2. Browse to find your CSV file on your computer.
  3. Tick the 'Update information if Contact already exists' if that's what you want to happen.
  4. Click Upload my Contacts.  Depending on how large your CSV file is and how fast your internet connection, it may take several minutes to upload.
  5. Once the file upload has completed, you will be presented with eNudge fields which you need to drag into the same order as that contained in your CSV file, and drag into the 'not included' box, any fields that aren't present in your file.
  6. For each custom field, type in the name of it (no spaces allowed in the name) in the 'Insert Field' form and click Add Field.  Then drag the custom field name into the right position to match the order in your CSV file.

7. Click Process Field Order to complete the import of your contacts.  If any errors occur during the import, they will be reported to you, contact by contact, so that you can correct just the records in error.
8. Go back to your campaign content screen and you will see the additional custom field name in the personalisation fields drop down, ready for you to insert into your message. 

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