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Self-service management of preferences by your contacts
Self-service management of preferences by your contacts

Allowing unsubscribe and re-subscribe, and choice of categories

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When you send an Enudge email to your contacts the following link appears in the bottom of the email:

Update your Preferences page

When your contact clicks on an 'Update your Preferences' link, it opens up an Enudge screen. The instructions at the top of this screen read as follows:

Here your contact can see the values of the following information stored about them within your Enudge account: First Name, Salutation, Surname, Gender, Year of Birth, the publicly available Categories they are associated with, and whether the emails will be sent to them as text only or HTML.

To protect the privacy of your contacts, the Mobile and Email Address information are hidden, as shown below:

Your contact can then:

  1. Update their details and click Save My Preferences.

  2. Choose to Unbounce their email.

  3. Choose to Unsubscribe (or re-subscribe if they had previously unsubscribed).

Encouraging Selection of Appropriate Categories

Only categories marked as 'publicly available' will appear in the form used by your contacts to update their preferences. Both the name and description of all publicly available categories are shown. Below is an example of how the screen looks for Enudge subscribers (we have 4 public categories):

You will notice that publicly available categories are listed with their name followed by a description.  Write your category descriptions to encourage participation by your contacts!

To set your categories as Publicly Available:

  1. From Contacts choose the Category Management option. 

  2. Click on the Edit link beside the category you would like to make publicly available.

  3. Tick the Publicly Available checkbox, and update your category description as appropriate:


Insert an 'update your preferences' link into the body of your email

Use the #update_preferences# personalisation field to insert a link to the Update your Preferences feature, within the body of your Enudge email message.

Remove 'Update your Preferences' link

The 'Update your Preferences' link appears at the bottom of all Enudge emails, by default. You now have the option to remove this link at a Campaign level.

  1. Open the relevant Email Campaign.

  2. Go to Campaign Details.

  3. Uncheck the Include Update your Preferences option.


Important note: As Enudge checks that the link is associated with a live campaign when a recipient clicks on the 'Update my Preferences' link, you cannot test this functionality within a test message.

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