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Customise email and SMS content using programmatic rules
Customise email and SMS content using programmatic rules

Available on Enudge Enterprise Accounts (Dedicated Servers)

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Enudge Enterprise accounts now have the Programmatic Content feature.

All Enudge accounts can personalise email and SMS messages by inserting your contact's data into your message (e.g. name, organisation name, and values in other fields stored against each contact), however programmatic content allows you to insert variable content, selected based on the value found within your contact's information. This enables you to insert much more custom content.

The more you target your message to your contacts, the more relevant your messages will be, and the deeper their engagement will be with your organisation.

Examples of what you can achieve are limited only by your imagination (and the data you have about your contacts!), but below are some ideas:

  • Insert a different product offer based on the category of product last purchased by your customer (you could store the name of the product in a custom Enudge field).

  • Insert a different percentage discount depending on the organisation your contacts belongs to.

  • Insert variable text determined by the state in which your customer resides.

  • Add the appropriate call to action for your customer based on the last action they took - again you can store the action in a custom field.

Your programmatic content can include:

  • Block or inline content

  • Plain text

  • Paragraphs of text

  • Links

  • Images

  • Call-to-actions

When setting up programmatic content, you will match specific values e.g. where the contact's state = 'VIC', insert content 'x', where the contact's state = 'NSW', insert content 'y'... and so on. You can optionally also configure 'else' content, which will insert content where your contact's state is something other than the states you have configured with specific content.

In the email samples below, different discount offers and images are shown to recipients, based on their State.

If you have any questions about this functionality or would like to discuss how to incorporate programmatic content rules into your email or SMS campaign process, feel free to get in touch with the Enudge team.

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