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Enudge Contacts App
Enudge Contacts App

Add contacts to your Enudge database on the go.

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The Enudge Contacts App, available on both Android and Apple, makes it easy for sales people, while out of the road or at networking events for example, to quickly add new contacts into their Enudge database. 

To install the app on your smart phone use the following links:

You first need to setup the connection to your Enudge account using your Enudge License number:

  • When logged into Enudge, click on your name in the top right hand corner, and choose Account.

  • Scroll down to the Enudge License section to find your License number which starts with 'EN'.

  • Download and start the Enudge App, and enter your License number and give your account a name. 

  • Click Go. 

NOTE: If you can't find your License number despite following the above steps, we may need to set one up for you. Contact us and we will generate a license number for you.

After setting up your Licence, the Enudge App will show you how many contacts you currently have in your Enudge account.  Click on the plus button to go to Add Contact screen.

Some useful features of the app include:

  • Customise the consent text which appears at the bottom of the Add Contact screen, and then let your contact see that message before you press the 'Save' button to store you contact. This may help you to ensure that your new contact is happy to receive your emails by involving them in the sign up process. You can customise the consent text, and turn it on or off via the app Settings screen. 

  • As you add contacts, you will likely want to place them into one or more categories. The first time you use a category, you will need to add it into your app. Next time you can quickly select one or more categories before saving your new contact. If you use a category that isn't already setup in your Enudge account, that's okay - it will be setup as you add the contact. 

  • Need to check on the details of an existing contact? Use the Search feature to find the contact, edit the details and press Save to update the contact record in your Enudge account. When searching, you need to search for the full email address and/or mobile number of the contact.

  • If you use multiple Enudge accounts (because you contribute to email marketing for multiple organisations), you can easily add another Enudge account through the Settings screen and then quickly switch between accounts by pressing the circle icon in the top right of the screen. If your organisation has a dedicated Enudge server, with your own prefix in front of the '' domain (i.e. instead of www) you can use the Advanced Settings while setting up your account to change the prefix. 

If you have any questions about the app, don't hesitate to get in touch or chat with us through our live chat.

Please don't forget to rate our app in the app store!

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