A low open rate for your emails may be due to the fact that they were delivered to the spam folder of the recipient email address. Whether an email is identified as potentially spam is based on many factors including the strictness of the recipient's spam filter.  Here are a few tips that will help improve the deliverability of your emails into the inbox.

  • Adding an SPF record to your domain will significantly improve the deliverability of your emails. An SPF record can be easily implemented by your website manager or domain registrar. Here is an article explaining how: https://www.enudge.com.au/improve-your-email-deliverability-to-hotmail-and-windows-live-server.
  • Being flagged as spam is also heavily influenced by the content of your emails. Every email sent via Enudge is unique to each recipient, however, adding personalisation within the body of the email will add even more uniqueness. Your personalisation can be as simple as "Hi #firstname#" but of course you can insert unlimited personalisation within your Enudge messages – whatever data you have can be used to personalize your message. This article explains how. 
  • Other content-related tips for staying out of the spam filter's way are:
  1. Don't go overboard with flashy colours, fonts and exclamation marks, particularly in the subject line.
  2. Avoid using words that you are currently seeing in spam emails... these tend to change overtime, but if the spam filters are seeing lots of a particular phrase, then you should avoid anything like it!
  • Having a 'clean' HTML code for your emails will certainly help. For example having a lot of empty table rows or table elements can trigger some spam filters. An easy way to achieve this is to use one of the existing Enudge templates and then customise your email as you need. 
  • Avoid link masking e.g. using a website address as a link, rather than hyperlinking regular words. This is explained in this Enudge article: http://help.enudge.com.au/enudge-email/avoiding-spoofing-warning-for-office-365-users 

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