When a person who receives your Enudge Email message clicks on the 'Forward this Email' link either in the bottom of your email, or as a result of you using the #forward_to_a_friend# personalisation field, they will be taken to the Forward This Email screen which starts with the text:

Followed by the contents of your email, and finally the form shown below:

The email address included after "please email us at:" will be your main email address on your Enudge account.  After the above text, the logo for your organisation will also appear - if you would like to change that logo, you can do that through the Campaign Settings screen.

Your contact can enter up to four people to forward the email to at a time, as well as a custom message.  

What does the forwarded email look like?

The forwarded email will start something like this (with the contact details of your Enudge account inserted rather than my details of course!):

The 'Hi Heather' is automatically added to the top of the message, and includes the name of the person you entered into the Friend's first name: field.  

Straight after that, the message you entered in the message box will appear, and then after that, the recipient will see the original message, intact with all the contents except the spam act text, Text Only, Unsubscribe, and Forward links.  The spam act text is not required because the email is not being sent by you.  The links are omitted to prevent the person to whom the message has been forwarded from inadvertently unsubscribing the original person.

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