Yes, when sending an email message through Enudge you can attach one file.  The attachment is added via the Campaign Details screen, where you simply search for the file on your computer, and then Save.  

The file can only be one of the following types:

  • gif 

  • jpg

  • png

  • bmp

  • tif

  • doc

  • xls

  • pdf

  • txt

  • ppt

Your attachment can be no larger than 1Mb in size.

Please note, whilst you can have attachments for your Enudge email campaigns, we actually recommend that instead you hyperlink out to your file stored on a web server.  This will improve the deliverability of your emails into your contacts' inbox, and also the speed of delivery.

So, only use the attachment feature if it is impossible for you to provide your file via a website.

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