1. Click ‘Import Contacts’ from within the Contact Management screen.

  2. Choose Xero.

  3. Sign into your Xero account.

  4. Choose the appropriate Xero organization, and click the ‘Allow access for 30 mins’ button.

5. Select a category of contacts, select one or more individual contacts, or click the        ‘Select All’ button.
6. Click the ‘Add selected contacts to Enudge’ button.
7.  In the box that pops up, enter the name of a category to hold your contacts within      Enudge (or leave it blank), and click OK.
8. A message will appear at the top of the list, telling you how many contacts have        just been imported.

Your imported contacts will update any pre-existing contact with the same email address and/or mobile number. This way, you can easily add your contacts into another category by just doing the import again.

Every contact in Enudge can be allocated to any number of categories / lists. Using a category is the easiest way to add the right contacts into a new email or SMS campaign.

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