You can easily import contacts which are stored in Office365, Hotmail and (Microsoft cloud accounts) into your Enudge account.

  1. From the Contacts screen, choose 'Import Contacts'. 

  2. Choose as the source of your contacts.

  3. Login to your Outlook account - the first time you do this you may need to give permission to interact with Enudge.

  4. Your contacts will then be shown on screen, with a drop down of the categories of contacts (if any) which are stored in your account.

  5. If you choose a category, the list of contacts will be constrained to just those in the chosen category.

  6. Select one, or more, contacts or click the 'Select All' button.

  7. Click 'Add selected contacts to Enudge'.

  8. In the box that pops up, enter the name of a category to hold your contacts within Enudge (or leave it blank), and click OK.  

  9. A message will appear at the top of the list, telling you how many contacts have just been imported.

By default, your imported contacts will update any pre-existing contact with the same email address.  This way, you can easily add your contacts into another category by just doing the import again.  

Each contact in Enudge can be allocated to any number of categories.  Using a category is the easiest way of adding the appropriate contacts into a new email campaign.

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