The Email Campaign feature of Enudge has a useful additional feature, which will allow you to send reminder type emails, which causes emails to be sent out x number of days prior to each contact's appointment date.

An example of where this option is useful is where you have arranged individual appointments for a group of your contacts which are taking place over the next fortnight, and you wish to remind each person about their appointment the day before. We were specifically thinking about hairdressers, doctors, beauticians and the like when this feature was built, but it applies to many different scenarios.

Steps to create a Reminder Type Email Campaign:

  1. From the Campaigns screen choose "New Email Campaign".

  2. After entering your unique Campaign Name and optionally a description, check the "Reminder Type Campaign" checkbox to turn on this feature.

  3. Fill in the "No. Days before" field - if you choose the value 1, your reminder email will be sent 1 day prior to the contact's appointment date.

  4. Fill in the rest of the details as per usual.

5. Attach contacts:

Attaching contacts to a Reminder Type Campaigns requires that you upload your contacts via a CSV file, which must include a column containing each individual's appointment date in the forma: dd/mm/yyyy

After uploading your CSV file containing your contact data, you will need to arrange the field names to match the order of your contact information in the CSV file, including of course the appointment_date field.

6. Once the campaign is ready for sending, make sure to change the Campaign Status to Active, in order for it to send.

Each recipient of the campaign will then receive your email message, personalised for them if you have used personalisation fields, based on their appointment date, and the number of days before specified in the campaign setup. Your email will be sent out on each day either at the default start time for your Enudge account, or the time you specify as the start time on the campaign.

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