The Enudge Communication Plan feature is a handy tool, which will help you to effectively:

  • plan and manage multiple message campaigns spanning Email, SMS, Surveys, Message Series and Action Responder.

  • accumulate information for all future campaigns, in one place.

  • allocate and coordinate tasks within your teams.

  • remind team members when messages are upcoming.

Below is an example of the Enudge Communication Plan screen, with just 3 entries in the plan (one overdue!).


  1. Schedule and receive email notification reminding you of upcoming tasks, so you never miss a deadline. The reminder email will include all your notes, to help you prepare your new campaign.

  2. Obtain a clear overview of campaigns that are upcoming or overdue.

  3. Sort tasks by "Date Scheduled", name of the person responsible for the task, and "Date Sent".

  4. A place to store all your research, notes, URLs about the message to be written. It's helpful to accumulate these over time in preparation for the campaign.

  5. Mark tasks as "Completed" and record the date they were sent.


This feature is free with every Enudge account; no additional charges apply.

Adding a Plan Entry:

When adding an item to your communication plan, you can include the following information:

  • Message Name

  • Message Type - choose from Email, SMS, Survey, Message Series or Action Responder.

  • Target Segment - use this to note the categories or field values you are intending to use for targeting this campaign.

  • Scheduled Date - the date when you plan to send the message.

  • Reminder Date - choose a date prior to the Scheduled Date which gives the responsible person enough time to prepare the message prior to the date you plan to send the message out.

  • Send Reminder Email to - enter the email address of the person responsible for the task. They will receive a reminder email on the chosen Reminder Date.

  • Description - add description for easy identification in the list of messages.

  • Responsible - the name of the team member responsible for the message.

  • Notes - add any additional comments about this planned message. You can edit the task and add more notes along the way. We recommend that you use it write down what you had in mind for this message, including the purpose, action you are seeking from the reader etc. Using the notes to store links to information that will help you write the message is also a great way to use the communication plan feature.

The "Communication Plan" option is located in both the Quick Links drop down, and also the navigation accessed via your User Name.

Needing suggestions about brainstorming for topics for your Communication Plan? Read this article providing a step by step guide on Developing a Communication Plan.

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