Tracking click-throughs on website addresses included within your email campaign can help you to measure the engagement achieved by your campaign, as well as identify the contacts in your email list who are interested in a particular topic.

The Enudge standard email subscription allows you to track click-throughs of one URL or web address included inside your email campaign.  In order to track the click throughs, the tracked URL needs to be setup as follows: 

  1. In the Campaign Details screen enter the full URL in the URL to track in email field. 

  2. In the Email Content & Test screen, insert the code #tracked_url# wherever you wish to specify the destination website within your campaign. You can also do this by clicking on the 'Tracked URL' option in the Message personalisation fields drop down.

After doing this, the code will be replaced with the URL that you had entered in the Campaign Details screen, as Enudge sends each message.  This provides you with important information as to who has clicked on the link, and on what date.  

If you would like to automatically track ALL URLs contained within your website, we recommend that you purchase the Multiple URL Tracking option which costs just an additional $10 per month with a monthly Enudge email subscription.

If you have purchased the Multiple URL Tracking option, tracking URLs contained within your website is achieved by:

  1. In the Campaign Details screen, tick the 'Track All URLs' option. 

2. Click Save Changes.

That's all you need to do!

When analyzing the results of your campaign, you can easily select all the people who clicked on a particular URL in order to either add them to a specific category or attach them to a new, draft campaign.

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