Using the logo feature of eNudge ensures that the image you insert automatically appears in your contact's email - no need for the recipient to choose 'download images'. You can insert any image into the "logo" image for your campaign, for example it is often used to contain a branded banner to sit across the top of the full width of the email, perhaps containing your photo or other engaging content.

You can specify that the logo image is to appear at the top or bottom of your campaign, but obviously positioning it at the top gives the reader the immediate visual recognition of your organisation in their email preview pane, and can help increase open rates. 

To insert a logo using the logo feature:

  1. Navigate to 1. Campaign Details of your eNudge email campaign. 
  2. Click on the Choose File button and locate your image file on your computer.
  3. Specify the logo position by typing in the following letters in the logo position field, T = top, B = bottom (N = not used). 

4. You should also choose the horizontal alignment of the logo by typing in the following letters in the align field, L = left, C = centre, R = right. If your email campaign is centred, make sure you enter ‘C’ in the alignment field.

5. Click Save Changes.

Send a test message, and you will see that your image file is embedded in your email at the specified position.

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