Once you have prepared your CSV file you are ready to import your contacts in bulk into your eNudge account. Including more information about each contact allows more granular targeting to specific segments and additional personalisation.

To upload your contacts into eNudge:

1/ Click Contacts from the main navigation, and choose Import Contacts (or choose Import Contacts from the Quick Links menu).

2/ From the list of import methods, choose CSV or text file.

3/ Browse to find your CSV file on your computer.

4/ Tick the 'Update information if Contact already exists' if that's what you want to happen.

5/ Click Upload my Contacts.  Depending on how large your CSV file is and how fast your internet connection, it may take several minutes to upload.

6/ You will then be presented with Enudge contact fields which you need to drag into the same order as contained in your CSV file, and drag into the 'not included' box, any fields that aren't present in your file

7/ Finally click Process Field Order to complete the import of your contacts. 

You will see the following message on screen - click the OK button.

If you have uploaded a large number of contacts, it may take a few minutes for each record to be inserted.  You can continue using your Enudge account, but you will want to wait for the processing to finish prior to attaching your contacts to a campaign.

8/ Once your contacts have completed processing you will receive an email in your inbox advising you of the results of the import, in a format such as following:

Any errors are reported, along with the line number inside your CSV file at which the error occurred.

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