Before we dive into creating your first SMS campaign, make sure you have at least one contact in your account so that you can send yourself a test message, so go on and add yourself as a contact.

Now, choose Campaigns from the main menu, and then choose New SMS Campaign.

Fill in the form, ensuring that you complete the mandatory fields; these are:

  • Campaign Name - a unique name for this particular message.

  • Date to Send - this will default to today, but you can schedule your campaign into the future.

When you're done, click Save Campaign.  You now have an SMS campaign ready for you to create your content inside.
To create your message.  Click 2. Preview and Test.  

Type in your message, adding any personalisation fields by clicking within your message where your contact's information should be inserted and choosing the field name from the 'Available personalisation fields' drop down.  Click Save Changes to store your work.

You will now want to send yourself a test SMS.  You first need to attach yourself as a contact on the campaign:  Click 3. Attach Contacts.  There are numerous options for attaching your contacts... for now just select the first contact you created earlier, and click the Process Selected Contacts.

Send your test message by choosing 2. Preview & Test, selecting your contact from the drop down in the Send a Test Message form at the bottom of the screen, and clicking the Send Test Message button.  NB: once you have more than 500 contacts attached to your SMS campaign you won't see the test option.  We recommend that you add just a small number of contacts while you are testing, e.g. use a test category.

Once you're ready to send your SMS message, go back and attach all your contacts, and then choose 4. Send.  Review the campaign settings, and click Send Campaign.  

(If you need to change any of the settings, go back to the 1. SMS Campaign Details screen.)

The date and time upon which your campaign will start sending will be displayed on screen.  If for any reason you wish to stop sending your campaign, change the status to 'Closed' in the SMS Campaign Details screen.

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