Testing your email campaign is a very important part of the process of creating your Enudge emails.  It gives you an opportunity to view what the email will look like when it hits your recipients' inbox, make sure all links are correct and working, and correct any potentially embarrassing mistakes in your copy. Enudge lets you send unlimited test messages to multiple email addresses.

Here is how you can start sending test emails:

  1. Make sure you have attached the contacts to whom you want to send a test message to your campaign. Pro tip: keep all email addresses to be used for testing, under a single category named 'Test' to make it quick to add your testers to each campaign.

    NB: if you attach more than 500 contacts to the campaign, the option to send test message will be disabled. You will first need to remove your contacts - read more.

  2. Go to the Email Content & Test page > scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the Send a Test Message option > select an email address from the drop-down menu and click on the SEND TEST MESSAGE button.

A test message will then be sent to the email address you selected from the list.

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