Finding it hard to gather a steady stream of reviews from happy customers?  

Make it easy for your customers to review your business by sending a text message immediately after their experience of your organisation with a link to the review form on your Google Business page.  Then, in one press, your customer is exactly where they need to be to select 5 stars and add a little comment ... job done!

Here's how to use Enudge to help you achieve this quickly:

  1. Set up a Message Series in your Enudge account, with just one SMS inside it comprising a message with the link to your Google Review page or other customer review mechanism.  Set the start date of the series to at least 1 day in the past, and set the trigger for the SMS to send out one day before the trigger date.

  2. Immediately after your customer has an experience with your organisation, add them to the Message Series you setup in step 1.

  3. Voila! your SMS message will be sent within 15 minutes.

There are lots of ways you can quickly add your contacts into your Enudge Message Series including:

  • Setting up a web form, perhaps using an Enudge subscribe widget, with the Message Series ID defaulted in the form, and placing that somewhere that it is easy for you to access e.g. an internal web page, your intranet.  Then all you need to do is enter the mobile or email address of your customer into the form as they leave, and your job is done.

  • Using the new Enudge Contacts App, you can quickly key in the email address or mobile number and name of your customer, along with the ID of your message series.

  • With a little more effort, you can integrate your customer service system with Enudge, so that immediately a product or service is provided, your system calls the Add Contact API.

We are very happy to help you achieve the set up described above.  If you don't have your customer's mobile number, you can also add a Google Review link inside an Enudge email message.

Having trouble finding your Google Review link?

Assuming that you have already setup a Google My Business account:

  1. login to your Google Account in a web browser,

  2. point your browser to,

  3. select your business listing / location (for those with more than one),

  4. click on the Home icon which will take you to the Dashboard view,

  5. if you haven't already done so, set a short code for your listing,

  6. and then you will be able to copy the short link that Google provides in the "Get more reviews" or "Get your first review" card on the home screen.

PS. we would love you to write a Google Review for Enudge!

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