Customer surveys are often used to indicate that a person is interested in a particular topic.  For example, a person looking for a home loan is likely to complete a survey or diagnostic tool on the topic of 'How much can I borrow?'

Once a person has declared their interest in a given topic, sending them a series of messages to educate or influence them about that topic will usually be perceived as helpful, and may inspire that person to take action based on the messages.

Enudge makes it easy for you to automatically send a series of messages to a person who has completed an Enudge survey.  

To do this:

  1. Within the Enudge Survey Settings of your draft Survey, go to the 'Message Series' option and choose the name of your series from the Message Series drop down list.

  2. Save!

Once you have made your survey active, any person who responds to the survey will be automatically added into the chosen Message Series with their trigger date set at the date they submitted the survey.  The contact will then receive the messages in the message series, as determined by the trigger date.


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