Using an Enudge Survey allows you to send and track the engagement with your survey via an email campaign, and keep all your interactions with your customers in the one place.

There are 3 steps to creating a new survey:

  1. Set the overall survey parameters; name, start date, footer, header etc.

  2. Add each question including question type, question text, possible answers etc.

  3. Preview and test before Activating your survey to allow your customers to submit their responses.

Once your survey is active, you then have lots of options for distributing it to your target audience.  If you send it out via an Enudge Email campaign, survey submissions will be attached to your Enudge contacts, allowing you to understand more about your contacts from inside Enudge.

Step 1 - Survey Setup

Choose Surveys from the main menu, and then click on Create New Survey.

Fill in the form, ensuring that you complete the mandatory fields:

  • Survey Name - a unique name for this particular survey, which is also used in the custom URL given to your survey on activation.

  • Alternative logo - you can upload a logo different to your standard logo image, perhaps including promotional information. This will appear at the top of the survey, as well as the top of the survey completion page. 

  • Header - the contents of the header will appear above your survey questions.

  • Heading Colour - allows you to choose text colour of the Survey Name.

  • Footer - the contents of the footer will appear at the very bottom of the survey screen. 

  • Thank You Text - this text will appear on completion of the survey.

  • URL on completion - you can include an URL to be shown to the customer upon completion of the survey. 

  • Message Series - this is a great way to automatically add any survey respondents to an existing Enudge Message Series of your choice.

  • Start Date - this will default to today, but you can schedule your survey to commence on a future date.

When you are done, click Go To Step 2. You now have a survey ready for the addition of questions.

Step 2 - Adding Questions

Click on add your questions. 

  • Fill in the form to create a question. Here you have the option to choose the question Type. You will also find an option to mark a question as Mandatory.

  • Click on Save and continue to save a question. This will give you an overview and an option to make any changes by clicking on Change. 

  • If you wish to add more questions, click on Confirm and add new question. Otherwise, click on Confirm and return to survey overview .

Survey Overview allows you to change the order of the questions by selecting from the New Order drop-down menu. Here you can also remove questions by clicking on Delete.

Step 3 - Test and Activate

Once you have added all the required questions, you should preview and test the survey. To do so, click on Preview Survey. 

If you are happy with how it looks, click Set Survey Active, followed by Confirm Activate.  You will then be able to view URLs to the survey, which you can share in the ways mentioned below (the URLs below are just a sample ... don't use these!). 

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