There has been an increase in the use of emojis in email subject lines ... helping the email stand out in the inbox and encouraging your contacts to open your email.  Emojis appear everywhere, adding more meaning ... and emotion via a tiny character.  You will see emojis in text messages, email content, chat programs, online forms, even billboards and other advertisements are incorporating the characters.

Emojis are a standard set of pictorial representations of objects, emotions (a.k.a. emoticons), and actions that people the world over understand, and they are easy to insert into your Enudge emails.  For example the 'okay' emoji 👌.

Depending on how your contacts are reading your messages, the emoji in the subject line and in the contents of your messages may or may not be in colour, and may be in a simple, more complex, or specific style created for that message client or operating system.

Adding an emoji to your Enudge email or SMS campaign is easy:

  1. Point your browser to (you can quickly access this link via the smiley face to the right of the Email Subject field)

  2. Find the emoji that suits your message, click on it, then click on the Copy button on that emoji page - you can scroll down to see the various different ways the emoji will appear in different programs.

  3. Place your cursor in the position of your subject line, or within the body of your email or SMS campaign where you would like the icon to appear, and press Ctrl+V (paste of a PC) or Command+V (Mac).

As always, test the results!  We recommend that you consider people who may be reading your message in a program that doesn't support the display of emojis (even though this is becoming rare) to ensure that such recipients don't lose any of the meaning because they can't see the emoji.

Please note, the link above is to emojis that are supported by unicode 6.0 - emojis that require a later unicode version may not work in some email clients such as Outlook, so we recommend that you only use emojis from the collection accessible via the above link.

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