The Enudge Subscribe Widgets allow you to quickly add a simple web form to your website, which will automatically add your subscribers details into your Enudge account, attaching them to one or more categories you choose, and optionally sending you an email as they subscribe.

There are currently 3 Enudge Subscribe Widgets to choose from:

  • Tiny Form - just first name and *email address

  • Short Form - first name, surname, organisation and *email address

  • Custom Location Short Form - first name, surname, *email address and postcode

Important Note: you need an Enudge license number in order to integrate your site with your Enudge account. This can be found under the 'Enudge License' section of your Account details page. If you do not have an Enudge license number yet, please send an email to with License Number request in the subject. Once we have received your request, we will issue a License Number for your account, which will be automatically added to your widget code. After this point, all you have to do is copy the updated code and implement it in your web page.

Once you are logged into your Enudge account you can access the code for the widgets.

To implement the Tiny Form and Short Form, simply click on the code box containing the code for the iFrame, and paste that code into the HTML view of your web page. You can customise the forms by replacing the following settings in the iFrame code:

  • NOTIFYEMAIL should be replaced with the email address you would like notified with the details of a new subscriber. If you don't want to receive an email, delete this section of the code: &ReturnEmail=NOTIFYEMAIL

  • CATEGORY1:CATEGORY2 should be replaced with the Eudge category or categories you would like to add the new subscriber added to within your Enudge account. Be sure to keep the : between the category names. Remove the : if there is only one category, or add a : in between the categories if you are adding more.

  • PAGENAME should be replaced with the name of the page that the person is subscribing from - this will help you to judge which page of your website or which website is the most effective in driving subscribers.

The Custom Location Short Form gives you the opportunity to change the font, colour and style of the fields and subscribe button.  Change the settings to produce the desired look of the form, which will update on screen so that you can see the results.  Once you have styled the form to better match your website, just click in the code box to copy the code to your clipboard so that you can paste the code into your web page.

We would love to hear from you if you require another subscribe widget e.g. additional fields, different colour scheme.

For additional options for growing your database from your website, please view this article: Options for Growing your Contact List

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