The master (or original) user associated with your Enudge account can add additional user logins, or manage existing users, via the 'Manage Users' feature accessed via the Account screen (click on your name in the top right hand corner and click 'Account'). 

The ability to have multiple user logins for your account helps you to give administrative support access to just the functions they need, and also allows different departments to work on their own campaigns.

The Manage Users screen lists all users already added to your account, along with their user type and last logged-in date. You can also add a new user from here.

Enudge allows users to be created with either of the below user-types:

  1. Customer follow-up users: will only be able to view campaign activity and perform campaign follow up. They will not be able to create, edit or send out campaigns.

  2. Full users: have access to all campaigns created by them. They can create a new campaign, or edit or send out a campaign created by them. 

All user types can see all contacts associated with your Enudge account.

Only the administrator i.e. the original user who signed up for the Enudge account, will have access to all campaigns within your Enudge account.

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