The 'unsubscribe' and 'forward this email' links inside your email campaign are a special type of personalisation field, and may need to be individually styled to match the rest of the hyperlinks in your email campaign.  This article shows you how to do that - you'll need to be comfortable jumping into the source code of the email!

So, just say you want to make your unsubscribe link appear white in your email campaign (probably because you have it inside a table cell that has a darker background colour), here's what you need to do:

1. Go to CAMPAIGNS page and open up the relevant campaign.

2. Select Email Content & Test from the menu bar. 

3. Use the email editor to insert a Unsubscribe personalisation field into your email campaign.

4. From the tool bar, select Tools > <>Source code, to open up the source code.  

5. Add "span" tags around the personalisation field and give the span a unique class name e.g. we have used the class name "unsubbar" in the example shown below.

6. Near the top of the CSS which governs the style of your campaign (we recommend just below any styles associated with the body tag, but above any mobile responsive styles) add the following style information to force the colour of the text within the unsubbar class to be white, for both the contents of the cell (the 'td') and the link (the 'a'):

please note the "." in front of the class name is very important, and the code will not work without it.

If you have any trouble applying this styling, don't hesitate to get in touch, and we will jump into your campaign and help.

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