Integrating your website with eNudge is useful for:

  • Allowing your visitor to subscribe to your mailing list and automatically have their details added to your eNudge account
  • Simultaneously adding the visitor into a Message Series so that they automatically start receiving your messages based on their trigger date (which will be set to the date they subscribe)

There are three options for making it easy for your website for visitor signups:

  1. Seamless integration using web services - you will need some programming knowledge in order to follow this, and access to FTP for your website.
  2. Integration using the eNudge Subscribe form - if you can't get access to FTP for your website, or don't have any programming knowledge you can link out to the eNudge hosted subscribe page.
  3. Use an eNudge subscription widget - copy and paste the code into your web page via your content management system (CMS).

If you need help with choosing the right integration method, or would like a specific type of integration, please get in touch!  

There are other web services available for eNudge which, for example, allow your customers to update their own details through your website.

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